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Io Dionysus

Copyright © by Liber Pater Inspirations 2003
(To the tune of 'Hey, Bo Diddley!')

Life of the blood of the barley and the vine,
Dionysus show you a dam' fine time.

When life get too ser-I-ous,
Nobody free you up like Dionysus.

(Chorus: Io, Dionysus! Io, Dionysus!)

Lightning-born on the mountain-top,
Lord of the Dance that never stop.

He make men droop, he make 'em lazy,
Take all their women an' drive 'em crazy.


Old Pen-the-us was a Theban king,
He didn' like people doin' that thing.

He put Dionysus into jail,
Said: "Now I'm gonna make you wail."


But the god told the king he'd show him his rites,
And he busted out that very same night.

King Pentheus got what was comin' to him,
The maenads tore him limb from limb.


Pentheus joined the women in drag,
But his mom took him home in a carrier-bag.

Dionysus say: "Do what thou wilt,
But f*ck with me an' you're gonna get killt."