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Conferences held by the Association of Polytheist Traditions

These are some of the things we've held so far. Watch out as some of the files as a bit big - they are pdfs not html files.


We met at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston. We had sent out a call for papers, and people from New Zealand, France, and from various parts of the UK responded. The talks blended Polytheist involvement and academic research

Here are the conference flyer and the programme with abstracts or summaries of papers. These are in pdf format.


We met at The Manchester Museum, Manchester. The focus of this conference was Gods and Spirits in the Land. We had a lively set of presentations and debates. The programme is below (we've left off the cover to make it a smaller file) and the conference poster, also the conference report which we later published in our Magazine.

We had some additions to the published programme - Emma Restall Orr reported on the Lindow Man consultation, Linda Sever spoke of Sacred Sites in Lancashire, and the final discussion involved many people from the audience and was lively and enthusiastic.


We did something different this year. Not one bigger conference, but a small gathering in Birmingham Central Library on the day of our AGM. The flyer is below. We are holding several similar small forthcoming events during 2008-09, in different areas of the UK.

  • Mini-Conference flyer
  • We participated in the Heathenfest event in Peterborough, 9th August and the PookasPageant event in Ipswich, 30th August

    Our Speaker took part in the SIEF international folklore conference in Derry, Northern Ireland, in June.

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