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Morning Song

Copyright ©: Jenny Blain 2004

Frey statuette In hazy dawning of a gilded morning
drowsy bees waken with the hovering day
rowans redden with their brightening berries
land's Lord sings love his honeyed lay

In wind-whipped dawning of a crimson morning
stags, rutting, belling, seek their hinds;
the wide moor walking, potent land's Lord now
shakes broad antlers, power's roots to find

In the frosty dawning of a whitened morning
straight-flying merlin claims her new-found nest:
small folks' dreamings echo god's firm paces,
passing footsteps of the land's Lord's quest

In the moist dawning of a greening morning
people take hands greeting Lord of land
warming in song, earth and rock awaken;
swelling in buds the birch trees stand

In the blythe dawning of a summer morning
silvered stones shine on heather moor-side
whole, the moorland will call the chorus
as land's Lord, blessed, meets his white-armed bride