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Copyright © by Jezreell 2003

winter tree image

Outwith the earth hall     sing the death song
Passing spells      for birth warriors

Poured with weeping      sorrowful sprinkling
Within the grave hill      fires and feasting

Edge guardian      walker of the wind
Storm-strong champion of the wildest winter

Leaf-stripper hails you      branch-breaker bows to you
Ice-burden bends     the sturdiest oak

Storm-strong, ice-hard, bone-white, blood-red
Hall-laughter, winter companion
Kin-gatherer, hearth-guests welcome
The house is full when you are queen

Mantle lifted, buds awaken
All things burst from their winter refuge
Oak-runner shakes, spine-apple shivers,
The moor-walkers raise empty heads to you

Praise to Thee my Lady, Praise to Thee.