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Janus Janitor

Copyright © by Nick Ford 2004

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I am the watcher at the door:
I am Janus Janitor.

As Tellus' shadow walks the moon,
So are my two faces known.

Mark then, by Kalends and by Ides,
A single face that shows two sides.

I welcomed Saturn to the earth;
Now Time is house-guest at my hearth.

I keep watch at the Gates of Dawn
Each twilight, as the bolts are drawn

At homecoming, his journey done,
For the strength-renewing sun.

Upon the threshold of the year
All men approach, in hope or fear

Of each ending and beginning
Of each thread the Fates are spinning.

The wise befriend the Porter, who
By his favour, sees them through

For New Year gifts will sweeten me
To usher in prosperity.

At each beginning, and each end,
Have mind of me, to be your friend.

I am the watcher at the door;
I am Janus Janitor.