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Listen to the Wind

Copyright © by Terry Smith 2000

Listen to the wind,
the voices of a thousand ancestors
Speak to us now.
Listen to the wind.

Those we have known and have loved,
And those we have not known,
yet are bound to us by blood or tradition.
They speak to us now,
Listen to the wind.

Theirs is the wisdom that is our learning.
Theirs is the wisdom that guides and provides.
Their voice is the echo in the dark of the night,
Whispered from the trees as they sway in the breeze.
Listen to the wind.

Their strength embraces and carries us forward,
Their strength, the foundation, the way of our faith.
Their comfort is found in the silence of our hearts.
The reverie of our minds is their creation.
Listen to the wind.

So let us remember their silent witness.
Let us remember their sacred cause.
Let us rejoice in the blood that they gave us.
Tied to the land that gave us our birth.
Listen to the wind.

And so through death we are united.
Unto the earth we do return.
Our voice across the ages travelling,
And by those chosen, to be heard.
Listen to the wind.

And through rebirth the coil continues,
The richness of the learning full.
We listen to the shadows gladly,
Our ancestors speak to guide us through.
Listen to the wind.

The tree of life to which we cling,
The roots so deep, the ancestral throne,
The trunk our faith, and we the branches,
All complete, and all as one.
Listen to the wind.

And so through this life that guides and drives us,
To our ancestors we do turn,
Let us honour and respect them,
Let us seek their guiding tongues,
And so we harken to their voices,
And so we listen,
Then let us hear.